2022 Bay Area Spring YP Conference

  • Grades: 7th to 12th
  • Date: April 9th
  • Time: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Location: Cal State East Bay
  • Cost: $25
  • Registration Deadline: April 3rd

Registration Links:

Specific to Serving Ones and Parents:

  • Background Checks – for many of the saints, their last background check has been over 2 years ago. Thus, we are asking that all the serving ones run another background check.
    • Please ensure that the elders in your locality review the background check and approve the saints who are serving. This is for the protection of our young people.
    • Most localities have established a service to obtain that and have the results reviewed. If you do not, please let us know through your locality contact and we will determine how best to proceed.
  • Abuse Training – a new requirement that has come up in California is requiring those who are responsible for minors to go through some sort of abuse training. After some fellowship, we felt that for those localities that will be at the conference, should designate one serving one from each locality to be the one who is “responsible” and thus go through the process of taking the training.
    • The following link is a free training that includes a test at the end and a certificate
    • The training is expected to take around 2 hours and you can leave and come back in the middle as it will save your progress.
    • So that we have on record the localities that have completed this requirement, we ask that you send to us a copy of the certificate.
    • All the brothers who are coordinating the YP events for the Bay Area will also go through this training.